What We Do


What is Hypnotherapy?
Hypnotherapy is defined by the NHS as a complementary therapy that uses hypnosis, an altered state of consciousness, to achieve therapeutic benefits.

It is thought that most ancient civilisations - Egyptian, Greek, Mayan, Druid etc. all used a version of hypnosis but the word hypnosis wasn't actually coined until the mid 1800's. It is important to separate hypnotherapy with stage hypnotism, the classic 'look into my eyes, not around my eyes' image that is portrayed on the television.

Hypnotherapy is a wonderful tool that can help with a huge array of life issues - everything from IBS, pain relief, weight management, smoking cessation, anxiety, stress, relationship issues, self esteem, phobias, exam preparation, enhancing performance, first night nerves.......the list goes on and on.

Hypnosis and the Stage
Hypnosis has long been associated with the stage - with the mysterious and the supernatural but there is nothing really mysterious or supernatural about it at all. The chances are that you have been in a hypnotic state thousands of times: when you are driving and suddenly realise you don't remember driving the last 5 miles; when you are deeply engrossed in a book and don't hear someone speak to you. This is a natural, hypnotic state.

What happens in a session?
During a hypnotherapy session, we will work together to induce this natural, hypnotic state, giving access to your subconscious mind and then using suggestion to help you achieve your goals. At all times, you will be totally in control and fully aware of what is going on around you. You will not be asleep (although some people do 'nod off' because they are so relaxed). And, rest assured, you will never be turned into a chicken, nor will you ever leave one of our sessions still hypnotised. You are in control and can NEVER be made to do anything you don't want to do.

How many sessions do I need?
The number of therapy sessions the 'average' client has is 3-6 but there is no average client. Each is unique with a unique set of thought processes, histories, beliefs and coping strategies.

How much does it cost?
We will have a 30 minute session together, over the phone. This first session we have together will be free. During this session, we will discuss the areas you would like some help with and you can ask as many questions as you wish. I will take a case history from you and this will form the basis of the therapy we undertake together. It is very important that you feel completely comfortable with me - sometimes it can be hard to 'open up' to someone you don't know so it is important that you feel you can do so.

If you decide to go ahead and book a face to face session with me, we can look at convenient appointments for you. Evening and weekend appointments are available should you wish to utilise them. A standard 1 hour session is £60. Weight management or smoking cessation can either be done as a pay-as-you-go by the hour option priced as above or can be completed as a structured program.

There are a number of different options, giving you absolute freedom to choose which suits you and your pocket best.

What can it help with?
  • IBS and Pain Relief
  • Weight Management
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Stress, Anxiety, Panic and Phobias
  • PTSD/Trauma