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What is Reflexology?
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Reflexology is a holistic healing technique which uses reflex points and meridians on the feet to stimulate the body's natural healing ability, restoring balance to the body.
Reflexology works on the principle that all the organs, glands, systems and structures within the body are mirrored on the feet, by using a gentle massage and stimulation techniques and by applying pressure to the corresponding reflex points, blockages caused by illness or stress can be released, thus improving the persons health and state of wellbeing.
It has been shown to be effective for a range of conditions including: Digestive complaints, sleep disorders, hormonal imbalances, muscular pain and tension, post operative recovery and stress related conditions.
Reflexology is an extremely relaxing therapy which has been used for thousands of years throughout the world with quite remarkable results. As illness or stress can affect each person differently, not only the underlying causes are looked at but the person is treated as a whole. The emotional, physical and mental aspects of the person are also taken into consideration.

Maternity Reflexology
Maternity reflexology is an adapted form of treatment specifically aimed at women during preconception, pregnancy, labour and the post natal period. It has been shown to be highly effective in reducing stress and anxiety and helps to create a more natural balance of hormones allowing optimal conditions during gestation and for conception.
During pregnancy your body will go through significant changes : affecting the emotional, hormonal and physiological balance of the body. Reflexology can help to alleviate or prevent discomfort arising from these changes and restore the body's equilibrium.

How can it help if you are trying to conceive?

All clients are individual, however it has been shown to be highly effective in reducing stress and anxiety, a major factor in infertility. It helps to create a more natural balance of hormones and the hormonal cycle allowing optimal conditions for conception. It will help the body re-balance, detoxify and ultimately create a better environment for both conception and sustaining the foetus.

How can it help if I am pregnant?

All clients are individual however some of the reported benefits are : general relaxation and stress relief, sense of well being, increased energy levels, reduced heartburn, reduction in nausea and morning sickness, relief from body aches and pains, relief from: constipation, fluid retention, sciatica and back pain.

Can I have Reflexology throughout my pregnancy?

Absolutely. Though more precautions are taken during the first trimester, a client can benefit from treatment before conception until well after the baby's birth. It can also be helpful and beneficial if miscarriage has been experienced as it provides healing comfort as well as bringing the body back into balance.
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